Go, Mensa, Climbing, Work and Dance

I wish i could come up with a more suitable title, but the tag-ging style sums it up.

I haven’t written in quite a while and was wondering what to add to it and here is the result 😉

Basically, I kinda found myself  a job, i.e. i still just sit on the PC, but even get paid to browse some pages online (and no, it’s not spam, au contrair) – but this keeps me busy not so much time these few days.

Next, I stepped in for  a colleague in Mensa going abroad and took his hours with the kids, so that means even more Go lessons for them. Some were cheering and some … well, got the chance to shoot and play tennis even more! The question is to keep their minds busy and buzzing, so thanks to the club, we still have options. I gave them some tasks to solve and will see how it turns out – just to keep their hunger for concepts 😉

I am mainly hiding from the scorching heat these days, and sentimentally visiting the old dancing hall… memories… The dancing instructor Elena Kirova (Елена Кирова) is still as good as ever, even smilier than before. I miss the waltzes… when i try to make a swing or two, the energy from within is bursting within me, feels good to be in the harmony of the dance once again, even briefly.

These days there’s a Climbing event in Varna, anyone interested in bouldering should go and see some movies this weekend, as well as try the boulder being constructed in the Maritime Garden behind the Pantheon, below Sports Palace.

And thanks to Aspo, I will bring the kids in for some climbing next weekend.

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