The way of the Net

Last couple of days mark my luck of synchronicity firing up again.

in a summary: -the collaboration on philosophy and other thought domains in English –  a colleague of mine handpicked the popularization of his project and not a lot of people know yet about it, so a lot of smart things can be read there.

just awesome – that guy was 4 years ahead of me in high school and he still rocks! especially with the pencils and the humor, trust me 🙂

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  1. That guy four years ahead of you in highschool thanks you for the compliment regarding a certain blog !

    А всъщност, познаваме ли се и ако да – кой беше ти ?

  2. Хохохо, забравих, че почти нямам снимка, сложена тук.
    Да ти припомня – морското? после от време на време се засичаме на севастопол и в Алба-та, където ми припомни ти адреса на блога си и да ти го спамя повече 🙂

  3. Е, да … сега си спомних … но не помня да си спамил 😉

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