It’s „Costumers only“, stupid.

I really wanted to leave this as a no comment snapshot…

costumers parking sign

… but just couldn’t resist. You know 😉
I have no intention at all to advertise the mentioned bank, nor to blur the image. It is sadly a very good and on the spot definition for the whole mess and word puns in Bulgaria.
The other funny thing is recently I hear some new and non-comforting rumors about the subjects mentioned. I am talking about the connection between this central cooperative bank, the Varna-originated TIM group (read – mob) and the mayor and governors in the city. Usually, people here tend to think that the mafia – TIM, bought out the bank and later down the road – the current mayor of Varna, running second term in office.  But recently and in more private conversations I hear that it might have been the other way around, i.e. the bank bought the TEAM and that the cutesy mayor needs the thugs as much as they need him. Kinda win-win situation looks to me, heh?

One thing is for sure: it is „For Costumers Only“ game.

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