What if Yahweh had a money-back guarantee?

The current crisis, however represented by the media curcus gives some very tasty food for thought.

Like the following quote, summing up the Harold Pinter style of the whole absurdity:

…you know things are bad for American Capitalism Inc. when you have the French congratulating the U.S. for nationalizing AIG…

and that was just a while, before the big money gushing started…

Even CNN would just stop on the very N word for american banks, when commenting the equity for money deal, proposed by paulson.

Sheeesh, like it is any use, imagine if God had a stake in this crisis, or bubble or whatever they try to name it.

I guess a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs would have quite a valuable time innovating new products of faith and credos, offering trusts and credits. 🙂 And the ultimate deal-closer: money-back guarantee. After all, this is a great opportunity for short-circuiting any kind of faith AND money still left untouched and unearthed in this burnout.

I just want to see the proto-god of all the elders, Yahweh, settling down such claims and how fast would he have to waiver the claims before all the jews come for their interest 😉

Well, unless the Sumerians got there first, that is.

We are living in interesting times, indeed.

Klein, Fukuyama and Toynbee now seem like a toned down version of our dreams for better times from last night.

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