Naomi Klein vs. Alan Greenspan on DemocracyNow! (plus the Mansell theme)

The debate took place and form couple days ago on and is available on youtube (1, 2, 3, 4 parts).


  • Naomi Klein – spearhead investigative journalist, guilty of explaining to the ignorant world the other side of globalization and the everpresent externalities. it all leads to the proper name-calling, i.e. alter-globalists, like the hacker-cracker misnaming. Klein is famous for at least a couple of good books, „no logo“, „Windows and Fences“ and recently „The shock doctrine“.
  • Alan Greenspan – the retired Master Chief of the real money and power brokers in the US and the world – the Federal Reserve. This guy should have been retired looong ago, dunno how they keep him alive, but he’s certainly a bigger celebrity in the economics circle. Hard to follow, but definitely not mad, very crisp logic and stance even for his age, he’s on a book promoting trip and ready to take some hits for it. I still remember his cold and balanced commentaries just before the internet bubble burst, that he’s not worried about new economy overwhelming the old one. This guy was good..

What: a plethora of issues, the Iraq War, Bush’s Tax Cuts, Economic Populism, Crony Capitalism and More…

Naomi was great, did her homework, you just don’t get a lot of chances to face such a dinosaur and semigod alive. Greenspan was still in his mind, but on a cold defensive stance. Denied responsibility anywhere he could and generalized the rest as much as he could, intermittently PR-ing „the book“.Still, just a small mentioning, concurrent with the present strike of the Bulgarian teachers:

„skilled labor is under great demand(in the U.S.), having dysfunctional educational system in the US in primary and secondary schools …. as a result we don’t get enough people up to skills to create much less in terms of pay inequality (and need to import from the world)“

An easter egg, for the rest of the Klint Mansell fans out there: in between part 2, around the 4th minute, they let the main melody theme of Lux Aeterna, tributing it as „The Kronos Quartet, Requiem for a Dream“ 🙂 just couldn’t keep myself from grinning…

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